ok can i have essay of 2 pages on each of the following scen…

ok can i have essay of 2 pages on each of the following scenario?Explore personal grievance:Think of a personal experience when you felt treated unfairly or unjustly by another person, on which you found particularly difficult to deal with. What exactly happened? Can you specify the aspects of the experience that were particularly painful for you? What specifically about that experience feels unjust and unfair to you? were you ever able to forgive the other person or let go of your negative feelings about what happened? If so, how did the resolution occur? If not, what is still in the way of moving on and what acts or changes would it take for you to feel you could forgive?2. Explore personal experience of trauma. Have you or anyone you know ever experienced or exhibited symptoms of trauma, that is, PTSD? Describe the precipitation situation. What happened? How did you or they react? What specific symptoms did you or the other person experience? Was there any treatment for the symptoms or intervention to address what had happened? How did recovery and healing proceed and are there still residues of the experience? How did it affect and change you or the other person?”

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