obesity in childhood.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses obesity in childhood.
The study concluded that there was a small but consistent protective effect of breastfeeding against obesity risk in later childhood.The author used data from 30 countries to analyze the secular trends used in different countries to assess the prevalence of obesity in children and adolescents all over the world. It was found that Body mass index (BMI), weight-for-height and weight/ideal weight are the standard methods used for weight assessment in children and adolescents in many countries. The research is an in-depth look at the measuring standards used to assess the obesity in children as it has covered the data from various countries in Europe, Asia, and America, and have also included data from Australia.
The research also revealed the lack of standard definition of the obesity in children and adolescents among the researchers across the world. The research revealed the urgent and important need of the standard definition of obesity in childhood and adolescence as according to the author, it will help in understanding and resolving the prevalence of obesity in children and adolescents in the world.Authors Sue Kimm and Eva Obarzanek are qualified as MD and Ph.D. respectively. The authors’ qualification is a strong point of this paper as it had made it possible to give an in-depth look at the issue of childhood obesity and the reasons behind it.
The authors have discussed the findings of NGHS. It has been found that the combination of sedentary lifestyle and abundance of food has increased the obesity prevalence in children. The prevalence of obesity has resulted in the increase of obesity-related chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes. The longitudinal study for ten years by NGHS, which included 1213 black girls and 1166 white girls revealed an upward trend of obesity in children and indicated acceleration in the trend.&nbsp.
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