Module 2 Assignment: Contemporary Ethical Dilemmas

Assignment Description:
For this week assignment, write a 1500-word essay addressing each of the following points/questions.

Describe why there is such a struggle when addressing end-of-life issues
What are the differences between allowing a patient to die and physician-assisted suicide?
Discuss the controversy that can occur when considering a patient’s right to know whether a caregiver has AIDS and the caregiver’s right to privacy and confidentiality.
Describe the distinctions among wrongful birth, wrongful life, and wrongful conception. Discuss the moral dilemmas of these concepts
Discuss the arguments for and against partial birth abortions
Discuss why there is controversy over genetic markers and stem cell research

Please combine all of these responses into a single Microsoft Word document for submission. Submit only completed assignments (not partial or “draft” assignments). Be thorough in your responses to adequately address all aspects of each question.
Submit only the assignments corresponding to the module in this section.

Length: 1500 words; answers must thoroughly address the questions in a clear, concise manner.
Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA style. These do not count towards the minimum word count for this assignment.
References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. Include at least six (6) scholarly sources to support your claims, one for each of the six questions.

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