Mexican Americans during the Civil Rights Movement.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Mexican Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. We, the members of the Mexican Indian community, feel so proud of our ancestral roots in Mexico. One can see that our community is deeply rooted in Zapotec society in Mexico. The elders in our community used to point out the importance of our lineage. So, we are so conscious of the close relation among members of our community. Besides, we used to preserve our customs and beliefs in American society. But this does not prove that we keep detached from the mainstream of American society. Instead, our youngsters are so conscious about education and career opportunities in society.
As pointed out, my community originated in Mexico. When the Spanish people from Europe invaded Mexico, our forefathers migrated to the United States of America. My grandfather used to say about mass migration. My ancestors were forced to face numerous hardships from the Spanish invaders. So, they decided to migrate to the United States of America. One can see that migration is an exasperating process. Our family beyond me consists of my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, my mother, my brothers, and my sisters. We happened to reach New Mexico in America. Other families that followed us settled in Los Angeles and Dallas. Both Los Angeles and Dallas are cities. My family decided to lead a peaceful life and settled in a village near New Mexico.
Earlier, I did point out that our migration to Los Angeles, New Mexico, and Dallas was a tedious process. From the serene atmosphere of Mexico, we were totally uprooted and fixed in a strange land. But I cannot recollect much about the process of migration because I was a small child. I can only recollect some vague images of our exodus with my sisters and brothers to a strange land. The elder members of our community were worried about food and accommodation. I was not so happy to travel with the elders because they did not allow us to talk to each other. Now, I realize that my& was forced to face hardships for the well-being of future generations.&nbsp.They were aware of the fact that the Spanish invasion of Mexico will destroy our culture.
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