Louis XIV

These are the requirements of my teacher, You will be researching the life of Louis XIV and writing a research paper of 3-5 pages detailing your findings. You will use the times new Roman font 11 point with one-inch margins and double spaced. I want the paper properly cited and you must use a minimum of four sources. Your works cited page does not count as a page.
Your paper must include the following:

Louis dates of birth and death

his age when he became king

important events from his early life that influenced his later life

how he came to decide to move the court to Versailles and the length of time it took to build the palace

the daily routine at Versailles and why the routine was set that way

what kind of ruler Louis was

Louis family lifekids/wife/mistresses/other family memberswhat kind of relationship did he have with them

good things/bad things he did as king

It really doesnt have to be that good, I have a hard time believing shell read the whole thing.


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