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Please use the following instructions to complete the Egyptian Love Poems Blurb:
1.  Re-read the overview for the Mediterranean and Near Eastern Literature:VOL 1 OVERVIEW – MEDITERRANEAN AND NEAR EASTERN LITERATURE
2.  Re-read the collection of Egyptian Love Poems in your textbook.
3.  Write a blurb, keeping in mind the instructions for writing a blurb:Writing a Literary Blurb.pdf
    The blurb will include two parts (still only one page).  The first half of the blurb will include information on the author(s), culture, and other historical facts about this literary period.  You will use that information to associate with the collection of poems.  The second half of the blurb will focus on how the collection of poems actually relate the to information relating to the culture and historical facts.  What seems to be the central theme.  
Although this seems like a lot of information to include in a one-page blurb, the blurb must not exceed one page.  One page is the minimum and the maximum requirement.  
Writing tips:
1.  Treat this one-page blurb as a mini essay.  Format and grammar are extremely important.
2.  Because you are writing about literature, you must use in-text citations.  There is no exception.  Citations are just as critical as the content of the blurb.

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