leadership profile 8

The purpose of this activity is direct. Picture yourself chatting with your family and/or friends, and someone asks, so, what have you learned in your organizational behavior class? Based on what you’ve learned you say, “One interesting idea I have learned about leadership Is ________and here’s an example of a leader who exemplifies it“.

Performance Advisory

Generally, the best way of finding a meaningful leader to profile is to consider directly why you are drawn to them. It is always fascinating to see a tighter connection of the insight to your personal circumstances and/or professional ambitions.

  • One Page (no more)
  • Creative visual (be careful with size so that you have plenty of room for your written portion)
  • Three Sections (make sure each section is labeled)
    • Leader: Who is the leader and why did you select them (what is your connection to who they are, what they did or how they did it)
    • Concept: Brief outline of concept they connect with
    • Connection: How or why they exemplify this organizational concept, explanation of one aspect of their leadership journey that ties directly to an area we have discussed during class.

A key benefit of this activity is spurring you to identify the implications of the topic to your particular situation, and, as you see how others do the same, improve your understanding of your situation and circumstances. On both counts, I believe your improved understanding will help you better figure out where you will fit into an organization and, given that understanding, assess ways to improve how you connect, communicate, collaborate, and compete.

I attached the rubric and three examples below.


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