Juvenile Delinquency

1. While on the bus, you overhear a conversation in which one person is lamenting how much more delinquent juvenile are today than they were 30 years ago. What would you say to this person?  Try to think yourself to be giving some professional (educated) responses.

2. You are interested in finding out whether living on the East or West Coast has an impact on gender differences in delinquency.  Which type of data might best answer this question? Why?

3. Evaluate the process of confining juveniles in detention/correctional facilities using the theories in this chapter. Would any of these theories advocate for detention facilities as a preventative measure for delinquency? Explain why or why not.

Use a 12 point font Times New Roman with 1 inch width in all margins and no page numbers. No header page and no header or footer per page.
Write in a simple, effective, straightforward, standard English. Avoid slang
Write directly in response to ALL questions.


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