You are a social media marketing specialist for a small software development firm.  You have been tasked with creating a Facebook page and campaign to promote your firms new software as a service (SaaS) product.  The problem is you don’t currently have any customers for this product.  Create 3-5 strategies to help get potential customers to like your product page.  Design and run experiments to test and determine which is the best strategy for getting customers to see your product.


  1. Research and select any SaaS product and create a unique Facebook page to promote it.
  2. Implement the 3-5 strategies that you have come up with for getting potential customers to engage with your new product page.
  3. Using the PDCA Cycle, conduct experiments to see which strategy is most successful.
  4. Use the A3 template or a Strategic Change Canvas to document your strategies, experiments, and results.

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