Database project(microsoft sql + visual studio)

Question description

work.rarRequirement*check attachment files first*Need to make webpage like but in much smaller scale with computer parts only*Default interface design like included pic(remove prebuilt machine though)*basically, when you click register, registration info pops up for new user and once user submits his/her info they become registered user they can log in to site to make order.*all database must be done on microsoft sql and web interfaces are done on visual studio 2012 c#(.asp or .aspx).*each table in database must have 3+ attribute and 10 tuples. you can just make up one.cpu, gpu, memory, psu, monitor, hdd must have their own tables with 3+ attribute and 10 tuples.registered user can make order on those part or search box for model # would be nice.*prebuilt machines with 6 attribute(cpu, gpu, memory, psu, monitor, hdd) and 10 tuples(10 model #s from mixture above 6 previous table) for registered users too. *no pictures for each items are required. just clean interface and shopping cart system.*Perform the normalization process, and perfect the relational database schemas to BCNF.after logged in user make order, they can view what they ordered and total for order sumbition*you may have to make adjustment on ERD and tables I include because I don’t think they are in3NF, BCNF.*ER diagram and tables have some issues so you will have to modify it to get BCNF. Send me modified ER diagram and tables.*Final solution must be running without a problem and if it doesn’t run, I won’t accept it. No copy paste work that doesn’t run.*name of the project is Computer Composer.In books zip, there are simple example of file done using .asp and .mdf and .ldf(Microsoft sql files).

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