In this assignment, you will focus on one endocrine gland, i…

In this assignment, you will focus on one endocrine gland, its normal function in the body, and how it responds during times of stress. You will also research one disorder related to stress.

Choose one of the following endocrine glands from the table below to research. Discuss the hormones produced by this gland and how those hormones are used in the body. Include an image of your chosen endocrine organ within your essay.
Describe what happens to the body when the hormone (or hormones) produced by this organ become unbalanced during times of stress. What happens to the gland when the body is under acute stress? Chronic stress?
Describe one of the stress-related disorders associated with your chosen endocrine gland (see chart below or choose one of your own. Be sure it is associated with stress).
How does your chosen stress-related disorder affect short- and long-term health?
What can be done to prevent and/or treat your chosen stress-related disorder?
Draw conclusions about how to care for and maintain a healthy Endocrine System.

Endocrine Organ                Disorder
ovaries                                     Infertility
tetes                                        Infertility
pancreas                                 Diabetes type 2
adrenal glands                         Adrenal fatigue

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