I was wondeirng based on this pre lab Question: What happen …

I was wondeirng based on this pre lab
What happen to the egg when placed in water and corn syrup in the refrigerator?
If the egg is placed in the water, then it will increase in size due to the hypotonic environment where the net movement of water is going into the egg. If the egg is placed in the corn syrup, then it will decrease in size due to it being in a hypertonic environment, where it will have depleted of water trying to maintain equilibrium.
·     2 eggs
·     200mLWater
·     200mL corn syrup
·     Timer
·     2 250mL containers
·     Weight scale
1.    Fill up one container with 200mL of water and the second container with 200mL corn syrup.
2.    Record both egg weight in grams(g) to obtain initial weight.
3.    Place one egg in the first container, containing water and place the second egg in the second container, containing corn syrup.
4.    Place both containers in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
5.    Carefully take out the eggs and weight them separately. Record in grams (g)
6.    Calculate the difference by subtracting the final weight from the initial weight to obtain the change.
Record your observations 
MY QUESTION IS …..Are my Variables right
Independent: Size of the egg, amount of H2O, amount of corn syrup
Dependant: Temperature

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