Hubble helped to settle the debate about A. strange objects …

1.Hubble helped to settle the debate about
A. strange objects in the Milky Way galaxy were actually entire galaxies that were beyond our own, or just clouds within our own galaxy
B. whether or not we were alone in the universe
C. the true shape of our galaxy
2.The expansion of the universe means
A. The size of the stars and galaxies are getting larger
B. The distance between the galaxies is getting larger
C. both are correct
3.All stars differ in all these properties, except: 
A. general chemical composition
B. age
C. temperature
D. size
4.According to general relativity, how is light affected by gravity?
A. Light is not affected by gravity.
B. Light is stopped by any gravitational field.
C. Light travels faster in stronger gravitational fields.
D. Light travels slower in stronger gravitational fields.
E. Light is bent in a strong gravitational field.

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