Heath Questions- VERY EASY

  1. Identify 2 behaviors relating to Nutrition and Eating that are problems for you. (Examples may include absence of eating breakfast, eating only 2 meals per day, skipping a meal when time-pressed, eating junk food daily, eating fast food daily, etc.) Journal 2 sentences of discussion resolving the issue.
  2. Identify 2 nutritional problems in your diet. (Examples may include too few vegetables daily, absence of adequate protein, low water intake, etc.) Journal 2 sentences of discussion resolving the issue.


  1. Read the Textbook Section “FOCUS Body Image”.
  2. Choose 3 aspects or ideas regarding the section’s content.
  3. Journal 2-3 Sentences on each of the 3 ideas.
  4. See Rubric for grading parameters. (will attach shortly)

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