Having fewer classes option in our college

Research topic: less classes option in South city campus SLCC
Include at least 2 paragraphs per research heading.
Characteristics: What are the symptoms of the problem? The causes of the problem?
Stakeholders: What groups are affected? How does this problem impact each group? What are each group’s goals?
History: What solutions have been tried in the past to solve similar problems? How well have these solutions worked? Whom have these solutions helped? Whom have they hindered? How do you know?
Policies and Politics: What regulations, professional requirements, political considerations, and/or ethical expectations might impact your solution? State, federal, community organizations or laws that impact the problem?
Resources: Who can you talk to about the problem? How much time and money are you willing to commit? What resources might you need to solve your problem.
Include an APA formatted reference list with all the research conducted for this analysis
Show a depth of understanding of the problem
Include a wide range of information to show research was conducted about different aspects of the problem
Show outside research is used, and proper in-text citations are included where needed
Note: our topic is having fewer classes option in our college. we have 5 team member and I have to wrote about stakeholders.
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