Geothermal and Wind Power Generation in New Zealand.

Need help with my writing homework on Geothermal and Wind Power Generation in New Zealand. Write a 2500 word paper answering; Geothermal energy and wind energy generation do not require any utilization of fuel, therefore, insensitive to the world fluctuation in fuel prices (Rybach, 2006). These forms of energies become more admirable in the sector of energy with escalating fuel practices around the world. Geothermal power and wind generation play a key role in New Zealand’s renewable energy industry because of its attractive costs and reliability of the two sources of energy.
Geothermal and wind energy generation meet the economic and environmental demands of the 21st century without compromising the existence of future generations. The two sources of energy have the capabilities of contributing to the sustainable use of energy in New Zealand. The research methodology used to find the results of the study is the datasets, which are maintained by the government of New Zealand on energy information, which include the Energy Domain Plan 2006-2016, Energy Data File, and Energy End-Use Database. The study found out that there was little funding for geothermal and wind power energy plants. Therefore, there is a need for the New Zealand government to review the strategy of establishing Energy Efficiency programs. The study also found that there was little synchronization of responsibilities for energy efficiency strategies, delivery, and implementation processes (Bertani, 2010).
The paper takes into consideration the lack of flexibility to structure, implement, and develop energy efficiency programs in the generation of wind power and geothermal energies. The lack of flexibility in the development and implementation of policies and strategies is not favorable in relation to attaining the set objectives of producing clean energy and eco-friendly energy. There was little funding to the ongoing developments and researches programs, which lead to optimal achievement in the sector of energy to achieve the set objectives of speculating that the wind power and geothermal plants will produce 55% of the total country’s energy production.
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