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Q1) Discuss and illustrate with examples the two major elements in the Business Model framework of Disruptive Innovation. (25 marks)
Q2) Discuss and illustrate with examples the five major changes in the Data domain from the analog to the digital age. (25 marks)
Q3) Discuss and illustrate with examples the following concepts: (25 marks)
a) Electronic commerce versus e-business
b) Click-and-mortar versus brick-and-mortar organizations
Q4) Give one example of Inter-organizational information systems (IOSs), and illustrate its importance in creating business values. (25 marks)

A student considered to have cheated in course work should be given a zero mark for that particular piece of work. The case may be brought to the Student Disciplinary Committee if the Programme Director/Head of Academic Unit concerned deems it necessary to do. so. Students’ attention is drawn to the definition of plagiarism, i.e. “the presentation of another person’s work without proper acknowledgement of the source, whether protected by copyright or not, as the student’s own work”. All quotations and paraphrases taken or derived from the work of other authors should be properly acknowledged within the text of all assignments, and full bibliographic details of books/articles/websites used should be included in the reference list.
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