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Please answer the following questions for this weeks assignment. Your assignment should be between 400 to 500 words in length. Be sure to answer all parts of the question to the best of your ability and use the questions are headings for your answers. This assignment shall not exceed one page and be sure to include your name, student number and assignment number (Written Assignment #2) at the top of the page. Question #1 two concise paragraphs

Based upon the required readings by Cornell, Curtis & Jorgensen (The Concept of Governance and Its Implications for First Nations) in your own words briefly compare and contrast the two different models of self-government.

a. Self-Administration Model

b. Self-Government Model

Question #2 use chart (see example below)

Identify two advantages and two disadvantages to each approach.

a. Self-Administration Model

b. Self-Government Model

Question #3 two concise paragraphs

In your opinion, which approach has the greatest potential for success in the implementation of Aboriginal self-government in Canada? Be sure to provide your rationale. Provide two points that support your answer.


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