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Write a 2 page essay on Comprehensive overview of the concept of ethnocentrism.This phenomenon comes to the fore when a channel of interaction is established between different linguistic, racial and ethnic groups. Cultural variations often come into direct confrontation. An ethno centrist believes that whatever he does is correct, and firmly drives home the point that those who do not share the viewpoints are inferior or immoral and they lack something.IP Man: The Final Fight is an action drama (movie), that held my attention for full one hundred minutes and the plotline is about the life of the martial arts instructor who trained Bruce Lee. This is a movie with a moral and the characterization is concerned with human outlook on life, in the light of nostalgic memories of the martial arts of China. That it kindled great curiosity in Hong Kong Film Festival in 2013, mainland China in 2013, and also in San Diego Asian Film Festival in 2013 indicates that the impact of culture is still strong in the minds of humankind. The necessity of the fight scenes cannot be overemphasized for the commercial success of the film, but the plot of the movie is less sophisticated and reaches out to Hong Kong cinemas of the bygone era. Martial Arts has such an immense appeal with the people of China, Japan and some other countries, that it is inseparable part of their cultural life, and martial arts fans all over the world. The exceptional part of the movie from the ethnocentrism point of view is the performance of Anthony Wong, his actions and body movement reveal his total amalgamation with his culture, and it is something which needs to be viewed in the movie. It is difficult to capture that spirit through the printed words. He has kept the everlasting cultural identity of the martial arts in tact by giving the message that how it is inseparable from the life of his race/ethnicity.IP Man-The Final Fight, may be the ‘final fight’, but it is definitely not the final movie on the Hong Kong genre of movies. The old-world
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