Employee Assistance Programs

Initial Post (minimum of 5 meaningful sentences per prompt; cite something from the reading(s) with page number for one of the prompts):

  1. Describe the role of mental health providers in the workplace.
  2. Identify two ways in which mental health services offered by employers may impact individuals and employers.
  3. Identify one challenge that may be faced by clinicians who are working in employee assistance programs.

Response Post #1 (minimum of 5 meaningful sentences): Respond to a classmate’s post.

Introduction by Dr. Campbell: EAP Counseling is different than I/O Psychology. Most I/O folks do not hold a license to practice. They consult with businesses on how to make employees more productive, how to select the best person for the job, and how to organize a department to be more efficient. Sometimes, they branch out to wellbeing issues, but they do not treat the clinical issues of employees. Human Resources departments hire people, deal with problems in the workplace, and work with federal and state laws affecting workers. They may also branch out into wellbeing issues, but, again, do not typically treat the clinical issues of employees. Counselors who work for employee assistance programs are either in-house counselors for the company or are contracted to work with employees of a company. Their goal is to address the clinical issues of employees.

EAP Counseling


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