EC241/EEC2213 Rasmussen Module 2 Activity Analysis Written Assignment |

We know it is our job as educators to provide effective learning activities for all children and their families. Often, it can be intimidating for families that are learning both a new culture and language to participate in learning opportunities in their child’s program.
It is important that we are mindful of providing activities that are appropriate for culturally and linguistically diverse families. The first step to ensure we are doing this is to critically analysis what it is we are expecting from families.
As you prepare activities that involve families, ask yourself, is this activity one that families can be together with minimal language support? Does the activity include opportunities for hands on, interactive participation?
To complete this assignment, first download and analyze the activity example below:
Activity Analysis
Next, Download and use the template below, You will use this template the rest of the assignment.
Module 02 Written Assignment Template
Based on your analysis of the activity, address the following in the template:
1. Identify one or two ways that this activity is effective in engaging ELL families.
2. Identify one or two ways that this activity might be ineffective in engaging ELL families.
3. Make two recommendations for improvement.
Be sure to cite any research resource in APA format.


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