Discussion on renaissance vs pop music.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on renaissance vs pop music. Needs to be plagiarism free! Music artists discovered a new way of presenting their composition and framing their content without interference from the then two major centers of influence. By contrast, pop music of the 20th and 21st centuries is all-encompassing and highly enriched with sacred and secular themes that appeal to most people in society.
The term “renaissance” refers to the rediscovery of the ancient Greek and Roman classical culture during the 15th and 16th centuries. Ongaro (2003) noted that during this period, the renaissance of music was mainly recognized in the creation of vocal polyphony as evidenced in “Trionfo di Bacco”. Subsequently, improvements in the use of instruments helped to expand music performance into wider acceptance than had been experienced previously. From around the 1570s, certain Italian academics began to support the use of classical Greek treatises in music. By the early 17th century, these efforts had influenced substantially the creation of monody and opera music in Florence.
By contrast, pop music is highly structured even where innovative aesthetics are used to blur the lines of standardization. As such, Brown (2013) noted that structuring of pop songs based on regular blueprints may range from the most general qualities to the modest of them all. In general, standardized qualities evidenced in Air Supply’s “The One That You Love”, for instance, exhibit popular body movement, standardized vocals, and instrumentation. As Spinetti (2005) said, the ideal pop song maintains the harmonic pillars of vocals and instruments throughout its playing, which also lends credence to its standardization. This scheme underlines the most abstract of harmonic facts irrespective of its source. Pop artists are driven by the concept that complications bear no adverse impacts. As such, irrespective of the kind of aberrations included in pop music, it will eventually find its place in the same popular experience and gain acceptance.
“Trionfo di Bacco” versus “The One That You Love”
Like the pop “The One That You Love,” Renaissance “Trionfo di Bacco” is mainly centered on love and romance in an environment where great interconnections between science and art preoccupied artists as it has been during the contemporary pop music era.
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