Discussion on political and ethical contexts of surrogacy

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on political and ethical contexts of surrogacy Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The altruistic surrogacy comes about when a woman offers to bear a child for other people as a gift. In most cases, surrogate mothers and social mothers are relatives, for instance, one bearing a baby for one’s sister, daughter or daughter-in-law. The commercial surrogate motherhood, also known as contract parenting, is a practice whereby people pay women to bear children for them and once the child is born, belongs to the people who paid for it, hence the surrogate mother has no said to whatever happens to the baby (Anderson, 1993, p. 168). Allowing or even enforcing this practice of surrogacy is unethical and wrong as it treats children and women’s reproductive abilities as commodities and this is socially unacceptable. Section 2 describes the legality of surrogacy in different countries. Section 3 describes how international surrogacy exploits both the intended parents and surrogate mothers. Section 4 explains the commoditization of the surrogate mother and the child. Section 5 describes the exploitation of disadvantaged women and selfish women. Section 6 indicates the problems resulting from altruistic surrogacy. Section 7 indicates the doctors’ perspectives on Surrogacy. The last part is the conclusion, which is a summary of the essay and describes the evidence supporting the argument.
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