Discussion on money does not buy happiness.

Write a 6 pages paper on money does not buy happiness. Some factors have been identified to contribute to happiness. In addition to having money, having a good bill of health, a good family life, and good friends all lead to happiness. Money does not buy happiness, as there is no commercial value to life’s pleasures. Money provides distractions from the factors that contribute to unhappiness thus money cannot buy happiness.
According to Kesebir and Diener (2008), happiness is the state of feeling the subjective well-being, through life satisfaction. Factors that lead to happiness include satisfaction with life domains, positive attitude, and low levels of negative attitude (Kesebir and Dierner, 2008 pg 2)”. Therefore, the state of being happy or unhappy arises from how an individual responds to his/her life situations. The proposed definition of happiness by Easterlin (1973) is that it is more than material well-being. Other factors such as economic factors and health in addition to the financial factor are all important in ensuring the happiness of an individual. In my view, if an individual experiences positive life scenarios every day, they will be happy and motivated for the next day. Lane (1993) defines happiness in four main ranks. Having a satisfying family life, joys of friendship, satisfying work, and leisure are identified as the parameters of happiness (Lane, 1993 pg 15). In the same view, money is only a side factor towards the achieving of happiness. Therefore, having money alone is not enough to be happy. The state of being unhappy arises from an experience of any of the mentioned life domains.
Happiness is a feeling that is individualized, regardless of whether there is money or not. One can be happy or be unhappy even with a lot of money. The decision on what is important in their life and work towards achieving it is a clear indicator of happiness.
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