Discussion on donnie darko’s set of symptoms common for people with schizophrenia

I need some assistance with these assignment. donnie darko’s set of symptoms common for people with schizophrenia Thank you in advance for the help! Donnie has behavioral problems and can be considered a troublesome child. Namely, he has a history of aggressive behavior, such as burning down a house and being put to jail. Moreover, he has a clinical history as well, which is understood from the fact that Donnie stopped taking medications, according to his elder sister. Subsequently, it is clear that the boy has a condition from which he has prescribed some pills.
Presenting Problem
The acquaintance with the character occurs as he wake-ups away from home as a result of sleepwalking that has been bothering Donnie for some time. After that, the boy resumes taking his pills but continues sleepwalking. On the 2nd of October Donnie meets a man in a costume of a bunny, who introduces himself as Frank. Frank calls Donnie out of the house and tells that “a storm is coming” and the world will end “in twenty-eight days, six hours, forty-two minutes, and twelve seconds.” After that, Frank often appears before Donnie and they talk. This is Frank who encourages the patient to flood the school or to burn the house of Jim Cunningham.
Apart from seeing the bunny, Donnie has other symptoms. The following includes the patient’s complaints about social isolation and the inability to find a common language with other people, classmates, teachers, and family (tells about his plans to express himself by means of art: books and paintings.) Furthermore, Donnie shows bursts of anger and high irritability. Sometimes resorts to philosophizing and eagerly speaks out. Supposedly, enjoys when his opinion is known and he stays out of the crowd. In addition, Donnie sometimes smiles at things that are not present in the reality, laughs without an obvious reason, and sees hallucinations other than a bunny. Finally, Donnie becomes obsessed with the idea of time traveling and makes attempts to learn about the given issue.
The condition of the patient is named by his doctor as paranoid schizophrenia, and, to my mind, the given diagnosis corresponds to the set of symptoms noticed in a boy. To start with, most commonly, the onset of schizophrenia is in “late teens or early adult years”.
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