Discussion on comparing arkansas and tennessee in financing higher education.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses comparing arkansas and tennessee in financing higher education. In this work, I compared Arkansas and Tennessee in their financing of higher education for possible lessons.
The formula for state support to higher education. According to ADHE (2010, p. 3), A.C.A “establishes the process and key components for formula development for funding public institutions of higher education” that the State of Arkansas adopted. Based on ADHE (2010, p. 3), the content of the formula is the principle of providing “fair and equitable state support to all postsecondary students across the state, regardless of the state institution attended” while recognizing level requirements, equipment needs, unique missions, growth, economies of scale, and other factors. In contrast, compared to Arkansas’ equity-based formula, the formula adopted by the State of Tennessee for funding higher education is outcome and performance-based. The TSBE (2011, p. 4) pointed this out very clearly when it emphasized a “productivity and efficiency through an outcomes-based funding formula” for higher education. The TSBE (2011 p. 5) reported that the outcomes-based funding was approved for implementation since AY 2011-12 while the performance funding standard was approved for implementation since AY 2010-11.
Institutional winners. Based on the funding formula discussed earlier, it follows that the institutional winners for Arkansas are the institutions focusing on those with lower incomes while the institutional winners for Tennessee will be likely those who have demonstrated the best outcomes or those who have performed well on the education criteria. Evaluating Tennessee’s progress on performance or outcome-based for higher education, however, may be too early because Tennessee has just begun their new policy. If outcomes and performance correlate with the income class of the student population, the likely winners in Tennessee will be the institutions catering to students from the rich.
Conditions associated with state support for higher education. It follows from our discussion that the condition that should be associated with the state’s continuing support for higher education in Arkansas is that education should be extended especially to those disadvantaged by family income. However, there is no data available in the documents reviewed by this work suggesting that such a condition was imposed on the schools receiving state support in Arkansas.
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