Discussion on absence of religion.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses absence of religion. Based on this example, when a society is well organized with functioning social institutions and legal structures, religion is less important (Weber, 2002).
Religion has always faced challenging times over the years. Modernity and secularism have become the two most significant threats to religion in recent times. This text tries to look at how secularism and modernity have impacted on the major religions in the world, mainly Islam and Christianity.
In this text, Brodd (2003) explores the different religions in the world today. Religion can be defined as a set of beliefs, values and world views that seek to create an understanding about the nature, cause and purpose of the universe and human existence. Among the most popular types of religion include Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism (Brodd, 2003).
Turkey is one of the European countries with a large number of Muslims. The growth of secularism in the country has threatened the spread of the Islamic religion in the country. This text tries to look at the impact of modernity and secularism on Islam in the country.
This text tries to look at religion using the social lens. The authors approach the issue of religion from a different perspective by examining the role that religion plays in society today. The concept of religion has been in existence for a very long time in the history of man and its impact on human relations and other aspects of human life cannot be understated. There are a lot of different religions, each based on its own teachings about nature and the supernatural realm.
Davie, G. (2003). Predicting religion: Christian, Peculiar & alternative Future. Ashgate Publishing.
Christianity has experienced a lot of changes since its inception thousands of years ago. The growth of various denominations and the emergence of newer faiths in the religion are just some of the developments that have taken place over the years. This author tries to have a look at the future of religion and society in general in order to paint a picture of how religion is likely to be in the years to come.
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