Discuss umuc family clinic: meaningful use.

Need an research paper on umuc family clinic: meaningful use. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. The main objective is to play a very important role in enhancing operational efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness, which are the most essential characteristics in the delivery of quality Medicare services in the country. Meaningful use involves attestation and reporting requirements.
It is vital to note that Agility EHR is the chosen incentive program that is necessary to aid the UMUC Family Clinic in understanding the reporting requirements for meaningful use. The product has been certified by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology. Its CHPL Product number is CC-2014-615770-1. The version number for this product is ten (10). In order to achieve the best operations from the system, additional software components have to be integrated into the product. These components include Multum VantageRx version 3, Cerner Multum, Elsevier, and ExitCare version 7.5. The implementation of this product is one of the most crucial initiatives required for improving health care quality, efficiency, and patient safety. Most importantly the Agility EHR is aimed at ensuring that the Clinic qualifies for the financial incentives provided by the government of the United States (Scarlat, 2012).
Based on the fact that this is a family clinic, this information is always captured and stored by the front desk nurse. In terms of reporting, the Agility EHR system will perform automatic retrieval of the required data that is necessary to meet the percentage requirement for this measure.
Since the clinic creates prescription information for each patient, the information will automatically be integrated into a new system. The reporting of this data will be&nbsp.much simpler as the Agility EHR provides a quality platform to store and retrieve medication data as per a predefined user percentage.
Due to the fact that Clinic practitioners practice standardized creation of prescriptions and that they will be trained to use the Agility EHR, it will be easy for them to produce permissible prescriptions. In addition, since the system captures all these details, reporting will be much simplified as users will just specify the required percentage for retrieval and reporting.
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