discuss theories and concepts

Complete a case study focusing a community, organization or small group. Choose a community, organization or small group with which you are very familiar.

Papers should be 6-8 pages of TEXT (writing) and 8-10 pages if you count title page and references. You do not need an abstract. Please use headings.

(1) Choose 3 theories and 3 concepts from the chapters in the textbook on your macro system.
(2) Discuss the theories and concepts and give examples of how each theory and concept applies to the macro system.
(3) Describe the influence of diversity on the community, organization or small group.

Citations from the texts MUST be integrated throughout the paper. You may use material from social work journal articles. A reference page in APA style of referencing must be included.

Choose theories and concepts from those specified in each client system:

3 Theories (bureaucracy, human relations, scientific management, political economy, systems, managing diversity model, social action)
3 Concepts (Human service organization (classification), leadership, external vs internal environment, homogeneous vs heterogeneous environment, organizational structure, (official vs operative), mission, hybrid organization, developmental stages of organization boundary, interface, input/output, Hawthorne effect, privatization)
Diversity issues

3 Theories (spatial arrangements approach, human ecology, social capital, social systems, conflict)
3 Concepts (types of community, mutual support, social participation, community development, investment, gemeinschaft, gesellshaft, horizontal and vertical linkages, interface, input/output)
Diversity issues

3 Theories (self-categorization, role, systems, field, exchange, symbolic interaction)
3 Concepts (structure, process, hierarchy, norms, open/closed, stages of group development, group leadership, primary, secondary, formed vs natural, cohesiveness)
Diversity issues


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