Discuss the key elements that make up the health assessment at each of the following levels.
September 10, 2019
Create a one-page patient education tool that explains usage of a medication and factors that can affect outcomes. Then, write 2–3 pages in which you explain how the tool promotes patient safety and quality outcomes, and adheres to the principles and practices of cultural competence.
September 10, 2019

Discuss the of income, health outcomes and impact and distribution of healthcare services,

For this critical thinking assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation. Choose three different cities within the KSA. Choose a city of large, medium and small population. Research the population census (age, gender, etc.) and income statistics of each city. Next investigate the health status statistics of the city’s population (% of chronic disease) and provide data on the available healthcare services/settings in each city. 

Analyze and interpret your findings on the impact of income, health outcomes, and distribution of healthcare services.

Your submission should meet the following structural requirements:

  1. Develop a PowerPoint presentation that include all elements detailed above (professional design).
  2. Include 2 presentation slides per city, for 6 slides and a total of 8 minimum slides (Add introduction and conclusion slides).
  3. Include detailed presentation notes for each slide (minimum 100 words).
  4. Include title and reference slides with your presentation.
  5. Include 4 – 5 academic and/or government sources to support your analysis and discussion.
  6. Use available cited tables or figures to support and present your data findings.
  7. Conform to  APA writing standards; be sure to cite any statistics or other information, as appropriate.
  8. Add cited images to the presentation and then add the references of those images in the references slide.
  9. No plagiarism.
  10. References not less than 5 years back.

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