Discuss Should there be an age limit on Energy Drink.

I will pay for the following article Should there be an age limit on Energy Drink. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Competitive essay- should there be an age limit on energy drinks As their suggest, energy drinks are perceived to enhance an individual’s energy output level. Such empowerment may be mental or physical. The drinks that contain significant levels of stimulants have dominated markets and are currently consumed by children and adolescents. Lack of regulation on the drinks however raises concerns because the minors consume significant amounts of the drinks on a daily basis, despite the drinks associated side effects. This paper offers an argument that there should be an age limit on the energy drinks.
The stimulating effect of the energy drinks that influences a person’s mental and physical potential towards rationale and behavior, and the rate at which the minority group is consuming the drinks, due to lack of age based restriction, raises social concerns on the type of generation that the society is currently raising. Some of the concerns are about the possible social impacts due to changed behavior that might develop in the end because of excessive and continuous consumption of the energy drinks. Other side effects of the drinks also identify threats to individuals’ physical and psychological stability that results in macro social factors. The main reason why there should be an age limit on energy drinks is, however, their addictive potential that is so effective on the young generation. This is because children, adolescents, and young adults are not psychologically mature and can be easily influenced. Lack of age limit on the drinks therefore allows the group to access and even start using the drinks, exposing themselves to addictions. Restricting drinks to a higher age, like other legal drugs, will however ensure access to a rational population that is able to evaluate possible side effects of the drinks and is able to control consumption to recommended levels.
Another reason that identifies the need for an age limit on energy drinks is their lack information about properties of their contents and substances to which the drinks can adversely react, a factor that identifies difference in health based risk factors among minors and majors. The adults are for example informed and sensitive to inquire about health consequences of a consumable before using the commodity. This includes careful adherence to advice from physicians as well as personal inquiries on product’s contents. Children and adolescents are however less informed, and are not keen on available health instructions and information, besides peer influence that can lead to intentional risk taking. Overconsumption of energy drinks also leads to adverse physical effects. They for instance make an individual feel dizzy and restless, factors that may adversely affects minors’ expected activities such as studies. Significance of the physical effects is enhanced by addiction cases that may lead to poor academic performance and even a final drop out.
The consequences of energy drinks on the psychologically immature children, adolescents, and young adults, identify the need to protect the group from the drinks. This will ensure safety of the individuals’ health as well as the society’s well-being. Consumption of energy drinks should therefore be strictly legal to the mature adults who have developed their careers, and demonstrate self-control. Consequently, there should be an age limit on energy drinks to protect minors and the future society.
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