Discuss My Education in Information Security.

I will pay for the following article My Education in Information Security. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Resume summary Resume summary I am Cheng Qian, born and brought up in China with a great passion in the technology world. My educational background tells it all for I have a bachelor degree of engineering where I majored in the Information Security. That was in Sichuan University at Chengdu, China in July, 2012. Currently, am doing my Masters of Science in Information Systems & Operations Management (ISOM) in the University of Florida (USA), which I will be through in May, 2015.
Experience being the best teacher I have had it in an academic research which took four months in 2012 between February and May. The research involved the realization of image encryption based on Chaos System where I applied C++ programming and the logistics map of Chaos system to realize image encryption. I also made an analysis of chaotic image encryption. The research also opened me up to note the advantages of chaos system in the speed of image encryption.
In 2011, between the month of March and May I was an intern in Hwadee IT Corporation. The experience in the Corporation was an eye opener as I learnt the security of basic communication platform. During the internship, I did various activities such as maintaining the network environment, establishing a secure Network Operating System (NOS), encryption, certification and network defense. In addition, I went for another internship for three months at Anhui Provincial Hospital as from July I the same year. This gave me a chance to correct the system bug and customers’ needs during the commissioning and later communicated with the R&D department and assisted them to upgrade related models. I also communicated with customers who get to use the system to increase our work efficiency. Finally, I was involved in the testing of the system’s function at each stage, ensuring to meet customers’ needs to their satisfactory.
I have obtained various skills from my academics and the interns. One is in the Software Engineering which involves assembling language and Microsoft Visual Studio. The other skills I learnt are in Microsoft Applications and Operating systems.
This is to confirm that Cheng Qian was on internship in Hwadee IT Corporation from March to May of 2011. For the brief period, we have been with him, he has proven to be hardworking, punctual and reliable individual who is courteous in dealing with colleagues, creative, eager to learn new things and willing to take new challenges.
We believe he gained valuable practical experience that will enable him to progress in his career, and therefore we recommend him in your organization.
Kind regards
The Management of Hwadee IT Corporation.
I am writing to confirm that Cheng Qian was a student in Sichuan University studying a Bachelor of Engineering, Majoring in Information Security which he finished in July, 2012. During the time he was in the school system, he showed commitment in the school work and proved to be a team player, creative and responsible person in completing his assignments on time. We therefore recommend him in your organization.
Kind regards
The management of Sichuan University.
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