Discuss key features of emulsion

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the key features of emulsion Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The process of forming emulsions is dependent on the following factors:
1. The distribution of the size of the particles and the difference in the density of the droplets and the medium being used.
2. The magnitude of forces of attraction in comparison to the forces of repulsion which determines the level of flocculation.
3. The level of solubility of the droplets. This determines the Oswald ripening of the mixture.
4. The level of stability between the droplets and in turn this determines the coalescence and the phase inversion.
When separating two immiscible liquids such as crude oil and water, there is a need to use additional processes in addition to the separation of mixtures through the means of gravity. In order to determine the most appropriate method to use in the separation of mixtures, the following factors must be taken into consideration:
1. The tightness of the emulsion. 2. The specific gravity of the crude oil and the water in the mixture. 3. The level of corrosiveness of the crude oil, the water, and the casing head gas. 4. The tendency of scaling the produced water. 5. The amount of fluid that is meant to be treated and the percentage of water that is available in the fluid.
6. The tendency of crude oil to form paraffin. 7. The amount of operating pressure that the equipment can sustain during its operations. 8. The availability of the outlets of sales and products and the market value for the head gas of the casing.&nbsp.
The most common method for separating the water-oil emulsions is the application of heat on the stream thus increasing the temperature of the two liquids that are immiscible and this may deactivate the agents that are used in demulsifying the mixture. This method allows the dispersed droplets of water to collide. As the process of collision occurs, the droplets increase in size and as they become more bulk they begin to settle (Binks, 1998). If the emulsion is properly designed, the water will eventually settle at the bottom of the container that is being used to treat the mixture. This occurrence is usually a result of the differences in the specific gravity of the two liquids.
For an emulsion to exist, the following components must exist. two liquids that are mutually immiscible, an agent to be used for emulsification, and agitation that is sufficient in order to disperse the discontinuous phase into the continuous phase.&nbsp. In the case of the production of oil, the two liquids that are mutually immiscible are both oil and water (Tadros, 2005). The agents that are used in the process of emulsification of the mixture may include. small particles of solids, paraffin, and asphaltenes are usually always present in the formation of the fluids and a sufficient agitation always occurs as the fluid makes its way into the bore of the well up through the tubing and the surface choke. The main difficulty experienced during the separation of these emulsions is a dependency on the stability of the emulsion.
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