Discuss . homeland security in the united states

I need some assistance with these assignment. homeland security in the united states Thank you in advance for the help! One of the severest risks of the United States lies at the radicalism and technology crossroads. The United States homeland security is charged with guarding the nation as its primary responsibility. Its chief duties are to prevent attacks by terrorists within America, reducing the susceptibility of the country to terrorism and reducing damages that might be caused by probable attacks and natural disasters. The homeland security department unifies nonmilitary government agencies that were formerly dispersed and responsible for numerous functions that are correlated with America Security (Chertoff, 2009).
The homeland security department, an outgrowth of the homeland security office, established by former President W. Bush after the September 2001 September attack was created by the Homeland Security Department Act of 2002. The department was established due to a strong congressional backing, for a novel state department that would amalgamate diverse and overlaying security functions of the state.
The work of the homeland security department is to prepare for and respond to emergency situations of the nation, with stress on averting attacks from terrorists, Chellino et al. (2009), asserts. The Department, which was established in 2003 in the month of January, has undergone constant alterations. One of the reasons behind the changes being negative public scrutiny to protect the homeland as demonstrated by both public and department of homeland employees surveys.
With the presidential election on the horizon, the leadership of the Homeland Security should turn over responsibility, for managing this multifaceted and challenging organization to a novel team (Stern, 2015). The contemporary history has validated that political transitions have presented an opening for terrorists, to&nbsp.exploit supposed weaknesses in the capability of a nation to sense, dissuade, prevent or react to terrorist attacks.&nbsp.
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