Discuss abortion and judith jarvis thomson.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on abortion and judith jarvis thomson. Arguments arise regarding whether the fetus has a right to stay inside the body of another human being, especially against her will. Once inside the body of a woman, she has to carry the unknown human being along with her wherever she goes, involuntarily allowing the fetus inside her to interfere with her normal duties. Whatever makes the woman carry the fetus along with her for 9 months, it may not be the love for the life inside her all the time. It is true that human beings value life, especially their own. However, the fetus is another life since even if it is born and grows up. it can never share the same life with the mother. This is because the newborn has its own rights and may develop into an adult under favorable circumstances. Jarvis focuses on a fetus being considered as having the right to live like any other human being. However, it grows inside another human being who has a right to live and do whatever she wishes with her body (Thomson 48).
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