Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Written work contains no errors and is very easy to understand.
September 10, 2019
What other factors besides legal compliance (for example, ethics, company reputation, financial concerns, etc.) were involved in your decision? Why were these factors important to your decision?
September 10, 2019

Death with Dignity Discussion

 This homework post has two part answers to it , the discussion part and the journal entry part and please no plagiarism on both parts. so both parts is done by watch in the video. please read the instructions carefully. I hope you know the APA fromat guidelines.. This is a HPRS class 1303– End of Life Issues ..This s all due February 11, 2018 before 11:59 pm central time. On the journal entry part if you can give me a page to a half a page of words I will be ok.

Death with Dignity Discussion

1.      Discussion
What  did you learn from this video?  What are your thoughts?  Support your  answer through the use of peer reviewed scholarly sources from MedLine,  Ebsco, Proquest, and/or Google Scholar.  You must provide at least three  additional sources to the video.
Please write a 300 to 500 word essay adhering to APA 6th Edition formatting guidelines
Watch this you tube video: Death with Dignity Lecture and Attestation Statement, link is below

2. Journal entry #1
when you watch the youtube video summarize what you learned from it.
The Journal Entries provide a way for students to make personal  connections to the material and to apply the concepts they have learned.   Journal entries should be written in a well-developed paragraph rather  than just a phrase.
This is the rubric that I will be using to grade all journal entries (assignments) throughout the semester:
APA Journal Entries (Assignments) Rubric
Score _____/50
____ (5) In-text citations include necessary info in parentheses after borrowed material
____ (5) References per APA
____ (5) Grammar and spelling
____ (35) Application of three or more concepts from the learned material

Death With Dignity Lecture and Attestation Statement

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