Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. The purpose of this article is to highlight the profound importance of the multicultural responsive approach in the teaching process. Deplorably, many students do not have much access to the learning facilities owing to the unjustified or discriminatory attitude shown towards their cultures and languages. Nieto (2003) has suggested that multicultural education is the only helpful proposal to facilitate all the students on equal terms. There is a big chance that students may start feeling ashamed of their cultural identities and traditions when surrounded by their other fellows who come from rich cultural backgrounds. A deep analysis of this article shows that a multicultural approach can make a student proud of his/her heritage, boost his/her self-esteem, and enhance academic performance. It also shows that a multicultural or multilingual classroom is one where a multicultural responsive approach is applied to make the students realize that their backgrounds are long-term assets for them that they can utilize in their learning period and teachers should also know how to teach diverse students in a harmonious environment.
The purpose of the article by Villegas & Lucas (2002, pp. 20-32) is to identify that teachers have to deeply analyze and assess themselves to find out if they are actually culturally responsive. Teachers can profoundly influence the students, and if they are free of complexes and biases, they can inculcate the same level of positivism in their students. They have to scrutinize their own cultural backgrounds and beliefs first, to make the students realize the importance of their value system later. In a healthy multicultural teaching setup, teachers are sensitive enough to detect even the slightest conflicts between students that are culture-oriented. Students from diverse cultural backgrounds should be&nbsp.encouraged to share their views so that teachers have a better idea of eliminating their complexes that may originate gradually.&nbsp.
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