criminal justice due in 12 hours

Please respond to the following questions after the in-class debate. Your responses must be written in complete sentences.

1) Describe your debate argument, and cite the scholarly reference(s) from where you received your information.

2) What did you feel was the strongest argument from your debate opposition and why?

3) Explain your personal position on the certifying juveniles as adults. Be specific and provide hypothetical examples when you would and would not support the certification of juveniles

Joey is 15 years old and he and his 18 year friend (Carl) broke into drug house to steal their money and drugs. They did not believe anyone would be home but they realized the potential risk and each took a gun just in case. It turns out there were people home . The residents began shooting at Carl and Joey almost immediately however they did not hit anyone. Carl on the other hand hit all three of the residents, and Joey hit one. All three died. Joey has been arrested only one time before for possession of cocaine and was on probation with the juvenile system at the time of the crime. Bullets from Joey’s gun were found in only one of the victims but its unclear whether the death was the result of Joey’s or Carl’s gun.

Something inside of me has a real problem with certifying a fifteen-year-old boy as an adult and sending him to prison for the next thirty years. I also have a real problem with him being adjudicated in the juvenile system and getting released in two years when he becomes an adult. The crime was hideous, and now three people are dead as a result of his actions. This situation sheds light on the bigger issue of certifying juveniles as adults. Using the instructions for this debate, convince me one way or the other [with research and facts] whether or not this is a good policy.


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