Continuous Process Improvement

Drawing from your own experience, select a process (a set of specified steps to accomplish a task) used at your place of work or in your interaction with a business that you would like to see improved and briefly describe the process.  Be sure you have identified a specific process rather than a general business problem or area.
1)  Explain why you picked that process.
2)  Explain the steps you might take to analyze how to improve the process.
3)  Who should be involved with you?
4)  What are some of the questions you should ask about the current process?
5)  How will you know if the process was actually improved?
Be sure to pick a fairly narrow scope for your process for example, processing an invoice for payment vs. Accounts Payable. I am also interested in the method to be used to improve the process, not a solution.  (For example, I am not looking for something like:  “The Caf where I work is not selling enough coffee. We should use social media to advertise more.” 


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