Complete the following problems using the Combined Gas Law.I…

Complete the following problems using the Combined Gas Law. Include the appropriate formula, show your work and provide an answer with the correct units and significant digits.
1.    A steel cylinder with a fixed volume contains a gas at a pressure of 652 kPa and a temperature of 25°C. If the cylinder is heated to 150°C, use the combined gas law to calculate the new pressure. (if the volume is constant V1 and V2 are the same number).
2.    A balloonist fills a balloon with 25 000 L of helium gas. The temperature at ground level is 25.0°C and the barometric pressure is 1.000 atm or 101.325 kPa. At 3500 m, the temperature has dropped to 5.0°C and the barometric pressure is 0.900 atm or 91.2 kpa. What is the volume of the balloon’s gasbag at this altitude?
3.    The gases from a smokestack at an industrial plant emerge at a temperature of 250.0°C and a pressure of 110 kPa. If 1.00 L of this gas is allowed to cool to 18°C and adjust to 100.5 kPa, what will be the new volume?
4.    Hot exhaust gases are often used in a chemical plant to heat chemical reactions before the gases are discharged to the atmosphere. If 10.0 L of gas at 300°C and 3.00 atm expand to 125 L at 1.00 atm during the heat exchange process, what is the temperature of the gas that is released to the atmosphere?
5.    A canister containing air has a volume of 85 cm 3 and a pressure of 1.45 atm when the temperature is 310 K. What is the pressure when the volume is increased to 180 cm 3 and the temperature is reduced to 280 K?
6.    A helium balloon at 28ºC has a volume of 1.8 L and a pressure of 102 kPa. What is the volume of the balloon when is rises into the atmosphere where the pressure is 85 kPa and the temperature is 4ºC?


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