complete short discussions due snhu

As you look back on the course, consider how marketing affects your daily life and how your understanding of marketing has changed. To illustrate some of the marketing components that you have learned, identify a specific product that could benefit from a new marketing strategy. Describe this product and explain how you could use the information from this course to recommend changes. Make sure to include what research strategies you would recommend the company use to inform the new strategies.

Take into consideration everything you have learned in this course in regard to retailing. What were some of the most interesting topics that you learned about? What concepts will you be able to put into practice right away? How? Lastly, how have you benefitted from this course? Cite specific examples.


Describe the various types of hazards and hazardous wastes that threaten the environment and human life.
How can individuals and communities slow or stop environmental degradation and risk to health through environmental stewardship and behaviors?
What is the role of the federal, state and local health departments in maintaining environmental health safety and enforcing environmental laws?

EPA (2019). Mission.
EPA (2019). Clean Water Act.
EPA (2019). Clear Air Act.

EPA (2019). Hazardous Waste programs.

Are you ready for the final? What concept are you still struggling with? Be specific with why this concept is tough for you?
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