Communications~Cultural Field Trip Assignment 2

Cultural Field Trip
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 Cultural Fieldwork REV F16.pdf (22.647 KB)

*See attached sheet for full instructions and rubric
We are all multicultural. Identify one of the many different cultural groups you discover as you as you go about your day (work, school, shopping,entertainment, etc.) You may be a member or an observer of this group. Engage critical thinking, to see yourself, and others around you, as multicultural.

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Once you have selected a distinct cultural group, you will observe and prepare a brief report answering the questions listed under Tasks. You will utilize both the text and the course Glossary for information. Be sure to spend some time reviewing the terms in the Glossary. (The Glossary contains supplemental terms for all course concepts addressed in the semester). Attach your report in the assignment area as a word document. Please use the course template to construct your work. Review Rubric to optimize your points.
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