Coding portfolio presentation in the form of a Word document…

This week is the final submission of your Portfolio Project.  For your final deliverable, create a Coding portfolio presentation in the form of a Word document to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Additionally, you will incorporate the coding scenarios including the codes and rationale from Weeks 3 and 5. Be sure to apply any feedback provided from your instructor.  Remember, you want to persuade your audience that you are the correct person for the job! Be sure you are providing accurate codes and rationale. Incorporate coding guidelines to show that you have done your research and will be able to guide the coding staff to compliant and quality coding.  When you are satisfied with your deliverable, submit to your ePortfolio. 
Upload your Portfolio Project to the Program Outcome in your ePortfolio listed below.  Use the following naming convention:  MCCG137 – Portfolio Project:
Abstract information from medical charts to assign the correct diagnosis (ICD-10), procedure (CPT) and supply (HCPCS Level II) code in a variety of medical situations Plagiarism Free Papers
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