Unit 1: Individual Paper Description


Each student will identify an ethical dilemma facing a business in their immediate area and write a research paper.  If you cant find a topic from the metro area, it can be in the state you live in, or Country if you live outside the United States. An example if you live in Tanzania might be Mining tanzanite environmental implications. An example thats NOT business related (and not appropriate topic): Is ghosting someone while online dating ethical?.


Unit 3 (30 points) – In Unit 3 an outline of your paper is due that should include the topic and business, proximity to where you live, legal issue(s) identified, and sources you will be using.

Unit 6 (150 points) – Paper should be 15-20 pp in length, double spaced and submitted in one Word document with clear titles, paragraph structure and proper grammar. Gather information from multiple sources and provide a brief background or summary of the facts. Always cite any paraphrasing and quotes from your textbook, lecture, or other sources. Apply the concepts weve studied through Unit 6 and the briefing skills youve been practicing to identify the ethical issues presented and discuss. Discuss both sides of the issue before reaching a conclusion, and justify your conclusion and how you arrived at that opinion. 


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