Transference And Counter Transference

you were asked to analyze the role of transference and counter-transference in relation to psychodynamic/relational therapy approaches, specifically the Interpersonal Psychotherapy approach, to help you better understand the role of transference and counter transference, and its use in therapy.
For this Assignment, you will continue to explore a more depth level understanding of transference and counter transference, further exploring the theoretical underpinnings as well as the associated interventions that might be used within an interpersonal psychotherapy approach, specifically addressing transference and counter transference.
To prepare for this Assignment:
· Review Learning Resources related to transference and countertransference
For this Assignment:
Write a 3- to 5- page paper (not including title and reference pages):
· Explain interpersonal psychotherapy’s theoretical underpinnings regarding transference and counter transference and its use in therapy.
· Explain the types of interventions from an interpersonal psychotherapy approach that are being used to address transference and counter transference in therapy.
Provide examples from the Learning Resources to support your explanations.
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