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AutoCAD (left), vs. AutoCAD LT (right)
– GeoLD 3D:
AutoCAD has included a free version of a 3D modeling application, known as GeoLD 3D, since AutoCAD 2002. GeoLD is intended for creating 3D models, creating 3D spatial data sets, and creating 3D maps. GeoLD is available as a stand-alone or browser application. The stand-alone application has two main features: the ability to create 3D models, and the ability to create and edit surface and volume models. The browser-based application is a web-based interface with the same functionality. The interface is web-enabled, allowing you to create and edit 3D models and data sets in an Internet browser. You can download the application and run it from a CD or USB flash drive.
AutoCAD is available in six editions, ranging from AutoCAD Standard Edition and AutoCAD LT Enterprise Edition (home, academic and commercial), to AutoCAD LT 2018.
The AutoCAD 2019 series of software contains the same applications as the 2018 release, except for the addition of a new AutoCAD Service Site. The Service Site features updates and improvements to AutoCAD for members of the Autodesk App Center. Users with the subscription to the App Center can easily update the software from any web-enabled device.
Other notable additions to the 2019 release include support for modern mobile technologies, easier installation of Autodesk 3D apps, and the ability to create the 3D models using the software, rather than requiring a separate 3D-modeling program.
AutoCAD 2019 is available for the Windows 10 operating system, and for Apple operating systems, including macOS and iOS.
AutoCAD has different features depending on the software edition. We explain in the following sections how the features differ among the software editions.
System requirements for all AutoCAD software editions are available at
AutoCAD for Mac
AutoCAD LT 2018 is compatible with the OS X 10.12 and higher operating system. An upgraded version, AutoCAD LT 2018.2, was released in August 2018.
Autodesk recently introduced the AutoCAD 2019 for Mac software, which is a Mac version of AutoCAD 2019. The new software is the first Auto

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Up until 2012, support for LISP and VBA was added to older (version 2003 and earlier) versions of AutoCAD, providing the ability to use LISP and Visual Basic programming languages to extend AutoCAD’s functionality. However, the LISP and VBA support was discontinued in newer versions of AutoCAD. In 2016 Autodesk discontinued support for LISP, VBA, ObjectARX, and Visual LISP.
Most add-on applications are compatible with multiple releases of AutoCAD, and only some of them are compatible with AutoCAD LT. Add-on applications may be unlisted in the Add-on Manager and/or may not be able to be opened in AutoCAD LT.
See also
List of AutoCAD features
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Autodesk Exchange Apps
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Move the files to a location you wish to use
Make a new folder to save the generated patches
In the folder click on the right mouse button and select properties
Find the add button for files
Select Create
In the name field type the name of the file you want to add for
You can now rename the file if you wish to.
Now the file will look like this

You can now copy the file to any other drive to use.
Sitecore XP Environment
I am new to Sitecore and we have recently upgraded our 6.5 instances to Sitecore 9.0 Update 1 (exact versions). We have noticed that a performance issue has occurred (seems to be the number of queries in general) and are wondering if we have too many databases for a XP environment?
My colleague told me that we can run 2 environments (XP1 and XP2) and can access each environment individually.
Is there an actual performance difference between XP1 and XP2?
Can we configure them to be separate from each other?
Any other things to consider?
We are running 3 servers, one for each environment, each with its own database. All 3 databases are running on the same physical server.
We use 3 servers because each environment has different deployments, and each has it’s own set of content that has been deployed. We deploy at different times.
We don’t use any replication. There are several reasons for this.
We deploy content on the production environment regularly and we don’t want to have to wait for a deployment to complete before the change can be processed.
It takes longer to process each change than to apply it locally. The cost of each deployment is very high and we don’t want to have the downtime of the server for it.
We only have one staging environment.
We want to have all environments to be exactly the same.
We like the ease of maintenance that is gained from having one set of configuration settings.
The process for moving from one environment to another is somewhat elaborate, and I am not going to describe it here.
The performance differences between the environments is negligible, but we don’t notice them because we never go to the environments directly. We deploy from one environment to another, or to the staging environment. The contents of the production environment are identical to that of the staging environment. The only thing that is ever sent to production are deployments, which

What’s New in the?

Use DraftSight to create a quick wireframe of your design using 3D models as a reference.
3D and 2D templates can now be used for your 3D models.
Plane, sphere, and cylinder models can be easily created in the modeling environment.
Easy routing of text, symbols, and annotations.
Export wireframe, annotation, and drawing templates directly from your drawing or CAD server.
Import BIM and 3D models (of varying geometries and file formats).
Improvements to Object Manager and the Express toolset.
AutoCAD 2023 is the latest version of AutoCAD. It adds a number of new features that will make it easier to work on paper or in a PDF or other document, and for designers to create drawings, markups, and other content. The new Release Candidate for AutoCAD 2023 is due to be released on July 19, 2020.
AutoCAD 2023 New Features
It is possible to import drawings created with DraftSight and make changes, like adding annotations, text, and so on, to a Drawing created in AutoCAD. You can do this with either AutoCAD alone or in conjunction with a real-time, collaborative web meeting tool.
The DraftSight Import Assistant recognizes many common autodesk font types. For example, DraftSight will recognize many of the popular Times, Arial, and other font types.
Most of the most popular standard Autodesk fonts are available.
The DraftSight Import Assistant recognizes a wide variety of graphic formats, including PDF, image, raster, and vector formats. It is best suited for importing and annotating PDFs, but can also work with images, and even drawings in the native format of Autocad 2023.
In addition to importing drawings and annotations directly into your current drawing, you can create a new drawing based on the imported file(s).
All of the text, annotations, and other marks in the imported drawing will be imported directly into your current drawing.
The new 3D Text tool is available from the toolbar. You can now create and edit text directly on a surface, such as a 2D drawing. Use the X, Y, and Z coordinates to place the text where you want it, edit its rotation, as well as its scale.
You can also now use wire

System Requirements:

Windows 7 SP1
DirectX: 11
Windows 7 Minimum
DirectX: 9
Windows Vista Minimum
Mac OS X 10.7.2 (Intel only)
For the Mac Windows 7 Users we have created an App called Watchr Player for Mac that is fully compatible with Watchr iOS. It will allow you to watch Watchr TV on your Mac.
If you haven’t already downloaded the Free App you can do so here
Whats New in 0.96.8 (and

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