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Objectives of AutoCAD –
AutoCAD is a CAD application that allows users to perform various computer-aided design tasks. AutoCAD allows users to design and create models and graphics as well as check drawings and other projects. Before AutoCAD, drawing by hand was the only option for 2D design, whereas drafting with a mechanical or electronic tool was used for 3D modeling and fabrication. Today, many architects, engineers and construction professionals use AutoCAD and similar software for design and drafting.
Sections –
How to use AutoCAD –
The process of using AutoCAD is very similar to using a paper drafting program. You can use AutoCAD in two ways –
1. Drafting
2. Designing
How to use AutoCAD – Drafting
1. Create a New Drawing
In order to start designing in AutoCAD, you first need to create a new drawing. Use the New button or the hot key ALT+N.
2. Select the objects you want to work on
3. Place the drawing on the design surface
Open the drop-down window in the toolbar, to select the drawing type.
4. Open the Save As and Print windows
In order to save a drawing to the current location and open the Save As and Print windows, use the toolbar and enter the following commands:
a. ALT+S
b. D
c. File->Save As
d. Window->Print
Tip: Before you start drawing, make sure you are designing in the appropriate section.
How to use AutoCAD – Designing
In AutoCAD, the design process is similar to other types of drawing tools like mechanical or electrical drafting. You need to design your project on the screen and then transfer the image to a paper layout.
1. Open the drawing on the design surface
As mentioned, you can only work on drawings that you open, so first open the drawing using the Open button in the toolbar or use the hot key ALT+O. Once the drawing is open on the screen, you can start working on it by using the various tools available in the toolbar.
2. Select the drawing objects
To select the objects, use the selection tool available in the toolbar. Use the tools and drag on

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Video support includes video inputs that can be used in the properties window and to record video.
Academic support includes a set of specialised add-ons (usually for use by universities) that extend the capabilities of AutoCAD Crack For Windows and allow specialised functionality for specific types of engineering or architecture work. These include features for creating mechanical parts, building plans and engineering analysis, using the commercial add-ons of AutoCAD Torrent Download LT and AutoCAD Cracked Accounts Architectural Desktop. There is also a full-featured CAD and CAM add-on (AutoCAD CNC) for textured and machined surfaces.
Academic add-ons are currently supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. A wide range of AutoCAD add-on products is also available from many third-party vendors.
AutoCAD 2015 provides a perpetual license to the software with a volume discount. A perpetual license is a software license that can be used for unlimited activations and does not expire. If you buy the software from a reseller, you may have to buy additional licenses for each computer for which you plan to install the software.
Windows versions of AutoCAD include the use of the AutoCAD application programming interface (API) called Common Data Representation (CDR). By using the CDR, CAD users can migrate their drawings from one platform to another and be able to perform many functions. For example, AutoCAD can read and write drawings using the CDR format. AutoCAD can also export drawings from one platform to another. The AutoCAD API CDR lets AutoCAD export to CDR format. The CDR format is a format standard for exchanging and using CAD files between applications.
AutoCAD Common Data Representation (CDR) is a standard for reading and writing CAD files. AutoCAD can read or write native CAD files on Windows, and many other platforms. AutoCAD uses CDR by default and AutoCAD only reads CDR files by default. CDR files are required for AutoCAD to read other CAD formats, including DWG, DXF and SVG. This does not mean that AutoCAD can only read CDR files. AutoCAD supports a variety of CAD formats, and can open and write in a wide variety of file formats.
CAD industry conventions require all CAD users to use standard data formats and to specify the CAD format in every CAD file. Users often generate CDR files for non-

AutoCAD 2023 24.2 [Win/Mac]

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What’s New In?

AutoCAD already has the feature to import data directly from a paper template or an electronic document. This new import-based feature, called Markup Import, allows you to import a printout of the data you need, and replace your current drawing’s data with the new import. You can import into a drawing either 1) a 2D image (PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.) or 2) a drawing, model, and annotations file (DXF, DWG, DGN, etc.).
When you import from paper or PDF, you can use existing layers or even add your own layers as needed. The imported data is layered, so changes to data on a particular layer have the same effect on the imported data. You can even import annotated or annotating objects, such as a title block or comments, into your AutoCAD drawing. This lets you easily review your data and incorporate changes quickly.
You can also use this import-based feature to import data from electronic documents. For example, you can import directly from Excel, Access, or a contact manager. (For a comparison between the previous and new import feature, check out this AutoCAD video.)
Markup Assist:
Rapidly incorporate design changes into your drawings. Add your own changes directly to a drawing, and make your edits to a drawing, model, or annotations file. (video: 1:22 min.)
With Markup Assist, you can easily mark up your drawings and quickly add your own changes. You can make your edits to a DXF, DWG, or DGN file directly from within the drawing window. Your edits appear in the drawing as you make them.
Once you have added your changes, you can export the drawing as a new DXF, DWG, or DGN file. Once exported, the file is linked to the drawing. To apply the newly-exported file, you simply open the drawing and click the Export button.
The new AutoCAD export feature gives you more control over how the file is exported, so that you can control the resolution of the new file and when the file is exported. You can also choose the export format—DXF, DWG, or DGN. This means you can export a single drawing or an entire folder of drawings.
Make changes to a drawing with the new export feature
When you export a drawing to a DXF, DWG,

System Requirements:

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System Requirements:
– Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
System Requirements:
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