Applying the model of links and nodes to systems thinking

Applying the model of links and nodes to systems thinking
Review the video in Week 10 Learning Materials. Watch the video below about “How to Make Toast”. Pay close attention to the concept of nodes and links.
The speaker uses the example of making toast, but how can you you apply the notions of nodes and links to diagram the topic of your Final Report?
Create a diagram, image, PowerPoint etc. using nodes and links to show the scope of the problem you are addressing in your final project. Use WORDS instead of images in your links and nodes diagram. You can use some of the information you came up with in your previous Project Portfolio Tasks, but think of this also as a brainstorming and mind-mapping task. See the sample links and nodes diagram below using the example of littering as a social problem.
This will be part of your Project Portfolio Grade, but you will also include a revised version in your Final Report. Plagiarism Free Papers
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