answer each question separately and each question with AT LE…

answer each question separately and each question with AT LEAST one scholarly reference, please! I’ll leave a good review if everything is followed, thank you! ????1) Nutrition assessment includes taking anthropometric measurements and collecting information about a client’s medical history, clinical and biochemical characteristics, dietary practices, current treatment, and food security situation. Select one of these and explain in more detail what this component entails.2) What is the calculation for BMI? And what is an ideal BMI for a 160-pound, 5 ft 6-inch female?3)tell me more about how carbohydrates play an important role in the management of Diabetes?4)What are examples of questions you would ask when conducting the diet history?5) What are examples of things gathered during the objective assessment that may raise red flags for the nurse?6) If a patient is found to be at risk after the completion of a nutritional assessment, how will the nurse work with the Dietitian to best meet the needs of the patient?7) What are some factors that may need to be considered and included in a nutritional assessment tool? Plagiarism Free Papers
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