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Unintentional plagiarism will result in a writing referral, while intentional plagiarism will result in the automatic failure of the paper and the course.
How to avoid plagiarism:

Place quotation marks around all words directly taken from a source and include a citation, i.e. (O’Connor 272) at the end of it.
Any summaries or paraphrases need to be followed by an in-text / parenthetical citation, i.e. (O’Connor 272)
Introduce others’ ideas and words by using a signal phrase, such as: According to David Jauss, “[b]y subtly calling our attention to St. Julian and the story of his life, O’Connor transforms this story of a tragic bus trip to the Y into an ironic, inverted saint’s legend” (np).
If your article is in HTML and not PDF, you will not be able to cite page numbers. In these cases, place np in your citation, as noted above…

NOTE: I will attach an essay that we did last week and it was a discussion essay. (you can take ideas from the essay).

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